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Hans Glatzle

Why is the emigrations database of the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart called "Glatzle-Datei"?

Hans Glatzle Father of the Stuttgart part of the emigration-database is Hans-Glatzle, graduate in business and trade management. Initiated by an act of favour for an overseas buisiness aquaintance - looking for his ancestors - he developed a passion for all aspects of emigration since his retirement in 1979.

The result after more than 20 years of honorary work is astonishing: he collected more than 50.000 names of emigrants with complementary informations on point of origin, destination country, motives for emigration, year of emigration and number of emigrated family members. These facts make the "Glatzle-File" of the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart not only an excellent quarry for all kinds of genealogical research but the open access database allows answering questions exceeding personal matters. All those data are presented on-line.

We aim at rendering accessible the mass-phenomenon emigration from Baden and Württemberg - after preliminary estimate about 1,800.000 people left their country in the 19th century - via family names and histories.