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The Contribution from Württemberg / Hohenzollern (Hans Glatzle)

The "Glatzle"-Database is the Stuttgart Part of the Database

This database contains more than 53.000 entries. For more than 25 years Glatzle has done research in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart, and to a smaller extent in Ludwigsburg and Sigmaringen. In his entries there can be mostly found the names of the persons who emigrated from Württemberg, the place and the Oberamt. Often the date of birth, the names of co-emigrants, the reasons for emigration, the money they possessed and the names of guarantors are also mentioned. Mainly records of the Württemberg Oberrat, the Württemberg Ämter (the forerunner of the later Oberämter) and the Württemberg Innenministerium (Ministry of the Interior) have been examined. Apart from records with general information about emigration (e.g. emigrations agents, emigration advertising campaigns) the Ämter offer lists issued for statistical purposes with the names of people who emigrated in the relevant month or year.

The records in the State Archives in Ludwigsburg and Sigmaringen were only partly examined.

If you do not find your relatives in the Glatzle database, although you know that they originate from Württemberg, it might have the following reasons:

  • Your ancestor's records are not yet in the "Glatzle-database".
  • Your ancestors emigrated before 1800 or after 1860. They are not in the "Glatzle-database" as it mainly covers the emigration wave of the 19th century, particulary the time about 1850.
  • Your ancestors did not give a precise description of the place they came from when they arrived in America.
  • Your ancestors emigrated illegally, their names are not registered in the official records.

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