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Archival Sources in the Landesarchiv

The state archives offer numerous records for genealogical research, particularly for the time before 1806. These records were created in connection with administrative work of governmental boards and their predecessor institutions in the southwest of Germany. The records, however, are very rarely arranged in alphabetical order of personal names.

Kind of source Stock/Resources

Military sources/service records

Examination register, conscription register (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 28 a), muster rolls, conscription rolls (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 30a, E 297, M 434-M 569), hospital card file of the World War I (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart M 598), card file of soldiers killed in action in World War I (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart M 599-M 606), muster rolls, conscription registers and files of the XIV. army corps (Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe 456)

Financial and economical sources

e.g. land registers (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart B 4 - B 5, H 101 - H 237, Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe 66), registers of serfdom (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 298, B 4 a), interest books (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 297, A 468, B 5 a - B 5 b), official invoices (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 302-A 303), taxation records (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 54 a)inheritance and distribution of estates (Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe, 229)

Personal records

registers of births, marriages and deaths (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart J 386; Jewish parishes only), papers concerning servants (Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe 76)
Standesbücher (copies of church registers) 1810-1869 (Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe 390)

These records (period of the "Old Empire" before 1806) can only be found if the researcher knows the time and place when and where his ancestor lived. Given the place of origin, the finding aids can be consulted. The user can read the respective holdings in the reading rooms of the archives. In some cases it is possible to retrace ancestors probably till the Middle Ages.

Further archival sources for emigration from Württemberg und Hohenzollern

In the Oberamt holdings of the State Archives in Ludwigsburg and in Sigmaringen, which could not be examined systematically by Glatzle, there is a lot of information about single emigrants. It is, however, necessary to know the name of the Oberamt from where your ancestor emigrated.

Further archival sources for emigration from Baden

Here, too, files are stored which have not yet been examined systematically.

The archivists of the Land Baden-Württemberg will support you whereever they can. But the shortage of staff does not allow them to search personally for you in the relevant records. But they will introduce you to professional genealogists, who will do the work for you at a charge.

Supplementary informations on sources and literature: