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History of the Project

Introducing the database and genealogical research in Southwest Germany

For the present database two projects have been merged:

Documentation of Emigration by "Hans Glatzle"

In the course of its more than twenty-year history, the presentation of the documentation "Hans Glatzle" in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart has passed different stages.

Originally the documentation was planned as a card file for emigration research. But as the electronic data processing was emerging and found its way into the archives the plan came up to make the data available in a database. That would meet two demands: firstly, the database would allow a conventional archival finding, secondly it could be made available in the reading room as an on-line research database.

Emigration database "Wolfgang Müller"

The interest in emigration from Baden (in the 19th century alone about a million people emigrated) was recognised by the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe at an early stage. Since the 1930s different files have been collected to answer the great number of requests, especially from the United States. Thanks to Wolfgang Müller this filed information has been systematically completed. It was turned into a very effective electronic resource, so that inquiries to the Generallandesarchiv could be answered without delay.

Emigration database of the Staatsarchiv Freiburg

Based on the data model of the first emigration database the data of emigration files of the regional administrative office (Bezirksamtsüberlieferung) being kept at the Staatsarchiv Freiburg have been systematically recorded in the years 2000 till 2004.

The emigrant's data

The compiled database is composed of informations which derive from different sources. As these sources have been exploited to a greater or lesser extent, the comprehensiveness of the given informations may considerably differ from emigrant to emigrant. However, wheather only a few or detailed results, all available search-results are always shown completely. Please consider the following hints concerning the names of the towns and regions of the emigrants' native land:
The towns and villages in the Württemberg region have been related to their administrative offices at the time of emigration. The places of the Baden region have been related to their administrative offices as they were in the year of 1890. For further information on sources have a look at our survey about Baden and Württemberg/Hohenzollern.

Recruiting new users by the Internet

In 1998 the "Glatzle" database has been published in the Internet hoping to appeal to new archival users. The Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart and the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe closely cooperated with the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, Institute of Economic Informatics, Chair of Electronic Media and Markets.

Reorganisation in the course of the administration reform of the Landesarchiv

In 2004 the database was revised and redesigned completely in cooperation with the Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (Library Service Centre, BSZ). The so far statical web pages have been integrated in the content manangement system SixCMS 6 of the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg and the database has been restructured as relational database. The presentation is now working completely database-driven, all pages are dynamically generated. Via the Content-Management-System (CMS) all pages can be easily administrated. On the user side the CMS improves the quality in the following areas: automatical generation of the sitemap, German and English versions, print preview and mailing of webpages.