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If the regional provenance of an emigrant is not known, the passenger's lists of the crossing ships or the files of the emigration offices might be consulted. Many emigrants from South Germany started their journey in Hamburg, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerpen or Le Havre. As far as we know disembarkment and passengers' lists remain at

  • Link to your Roots, Database of the Hamburg State Archives with disembarkment lists of Northern Germany
    Link to your Roots - Beschäftigung + Bildung e.V.
    Besenbinderhof 37, D-20097 Hamburg
    Tel. 040/659090-980, E-Mail;
  • Deutsche-Auswanderer-Datenbank
    Historisches Museum Bremerhaven / Morgenstern-Museum
    An der Geeste, D-27570 Bremerhaven
    Tel.: ++49 471/20138, Fax: ++49 471/5902700, E-Mail;
  • Algemeen Rijksarchief
    Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 26, Postbus 80520, NL-2509 LM Den Haag
    Tel.: ++31 70/3315400, Fax: ++31 70/3315540, E-Mail;
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    National Archives Bldg., 8th and Pennsylvania Ave., NW, USA-Washington DC 20408
    Tel.: ++1-202/5015400, Fax: ++1-202/5015759.
  • The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation Inc.
    The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., Attention: History Center, 292 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017-7769.
    Tel.: ++1 - 212 - 561-4588
  • germanoriginality.com, an internet portal containing numerous links to databases and institutions concerned with the German heritage in the USA. Providers are reputed institutions and persons in Germany and the USA.
    German National Tourist Office, 122 East 42nd St., Suite 2000
    New York, NY 10168-0072.

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